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AI-powered interviews to help you discover what your customers need - fast.

HEARD uses AI to interview your customers so that you can understand their needs, uncover top pain points and validate new product ideas. Speed up user research and get insights in days, not weeks.

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Improve the new user experience

Understand customer behavior

Get feedback on new product ideas

Investigate customer complaints and bugs

Get feedback on a recent product launch

Get research studies designed for you based on your business objectives

Describe your business objectives and HEARD will suggest learning goals, write an interview discussion guide and recommend a study sample size.

Learning Goals. Translate business goals into a list of research objectives in a single click.
AI Suggested questions. Get recommendations on the best questions to ask to collect the insights you need.

AI-powered customer interviews that dig deep

HEARD uses AI to interview your customers and collect deep insights in an open-ended, qualitative conversation.

Personalized interview
Questions are adapted to what your customers say in real-time to collect personalized context.
Unbiased Moderation
HEARD is trained on how to ask unbiased, open-ended questions by real user researchers.
Learning Optimization
As HEARD talks to more customers, it asks smarter questions based on what it learned in past interviews.

Powerful insights you can trust, delivered in real-time

We extract the top themes from interviews so that you can start learning immediately, no manual analysis needed.

Quantitative graphs. Gain confidence on what matters most with graphs that measure top themes.
Summary report. Get a high level summary of insights based on your learning goals.
Share with your team. Download and share written reports and visual assets with your team.
See user quotes. We automatically extract relevant quotes so that you can see what customers said in their own words.
Use cases

Bring customer insights into every phase of the product development lifecycle

Get feedback on a recent product launch

Collect feedback from early users after a launch so that you can quickly understand what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement.

Validate new product and feature ideas

Validate that you’re solving the right problems before building something new by asking customers to describe the frequency and intensity of a problem, and how they currently solve it today.

Build a customer persona

Understand the needs, habits and goals of different customer segments so that you can more precisely tailor your product and messaging to them.

Investigate customer complaints and bugs

Ask customers to share more context on support tickets or past feedback so that you can pinpoint exactly what went wrong and determine how to fix it.

Gather comprehensive product feedback

Build a 360° view of product satisfaction and usage by interviewing customers to understand their goals, use cases, challenges and desired improvements.

Define and explore product use cases

Have customers share detailed workflows and examples of how they use your product now, and explore new use cases for the future.

Test out new product concepts

Get early feedback on new feature ideas and concepts by showing customers mockups and images during interviews.

Improve the new user experience

Reduce churn and grow retention by understanding the full new user experience — from purchase decision to product activation.

Test messaging and positioning

Hone your creative and marketing strategy by gathering feedback on potential messaging.

Drive customer conversion

Learn about the customer experience at each stage of the conversion funnel so that you can identify what drives churn, adoption and retention.
customer story

“HEARD has saved my team hundreds of hours of work. It’s like having an extra person on your team to help you learn about your customer.”

Allen Narcisse, CEO of Gigs
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