HEARD uses AI to interview your customers and help you learn what matters to them.

HEARD helps you discover the "why" behind customer behavior through short, AI-powered interviews. Tell HEARD about your research goals and it will conduct hundreds of customer interviews to deliver the insights you need to make better decisions, fast.

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It's not a survey. It's an interview.

AI-powered interviews enable you to conduct research faster and with fewer manual resources

HEARD adapts interview questions in real-time based on what participants say, just like a human would

AI-analysis transforms raw interview data into insights that you can easily understand and take action on

Create an interview in minutes with a simple list of questions.

Instead of spending days agonizing over what to ask and how, tell HEARD about your research goals and it will suggest the right questions to ask. After you choose your top questions, we'll create an interview link you can send to your customers.

HEARD interviews your customers in an intuitive chat interface.

After your customers receive an interview link, they can drop in and chat with HEARD whenever they want. In every interview, the AI adapts the questions it asks based on what participants say in real-time, just like a human interviewer would. HEARD can conduct hundreds or thousands of personalized interviews that dig deep to uncover unique insights in a few hours or days.

HEARD analyzes the interview data in real-time so that you can see insights immediately.

HEARD transforms the raw data from interviews into a set of insights you can start using immediately. Our AI analysis merges quantitative measurement with qualitative storytelling by surfacing high-level themes as well as customer quotes. Discover something you want to dig deeper on? Don't wait until your next round of research — add more questions to the list and start getting answers immediately.

HEARD uncovers deeper insights than a survey and is faster than an in-person interview.

Surveys are static and don’t get smarter as you learn new information, but a HEARD interview adapts every time it asks a question to help get you closer to your learning goal. In-person interviews take weeks to schedule, moderate and analyze, but HEARD enables you to conduct hundreds of interviews quickly.

Get started as soon as you have a question to ask

Start learning faster by reducing the upfront work required to design, recruit, and collect customer insights.

Uncover unexpected and impactful insights

It’s hard to predict the best questions beforehand. That’s why HEARD helps you optimize in real-time so that you don’t have to be “perfect” — just persistent.

See opportunities clearly by reducing bias

It’s easy to develop tunnel vision about your business. By asking more questions in different ways, HEARD helps teams reduce bias & gather fresh perspectives.

Get qualitative depth at qualitative scale

Don’t make decisions based on anecdotes or superficial feedback. Find real patterns and trends powered by your customers’ voices.

Use Cases

Use HEARD to make every team more customer-centric, from customer research to product development, marketing, business strategy and beyond.

Drive conversion

Get to the bottom of why customers aren’t converting, or what keeps your most loyal customers coming back for more.

Improve products

Deep and contextualized feedback enables your team to better understand and prioritize how to improve your product.

Segment customers

Develop nuanced customer profiles that align teams around a single answer to the question “Who do we serve and why?”

Develop your brand

Develop a brand customers love by better understanding what they value and how they perceive your product.

Validate new ideas

Ensure you understand the customer needs before building out new products or expanding to new markets.

Refine messaging

Learn how marketing messages land on your customers so you can improve before shipping your next campaign.

Talk to your customers like real people

In a head-to-head test against a survey, HEARD achieved 2x the completion rate and 3x the insights per customer response. Here are a few quotes from participants explaining why.

"[Compared to Google Forms] I prefer HEARD. Forms feel like a test. HEARD felt like texting someone. I liked that it was a chat."

Anna R.

Research Participant

"HEARD felt freeform — I could type whatever I wanted as opposed to normal survey things that feel more boxed in."

Charlie L.

Research Participant

"HEARD was more free-form, chill, and less serious than a survey. I felt more comfortable expressing myself."

David P.

Research Participant

"It was really easy to use. I was surprised by the way the AI responded. It felt very specific, like an actual conversation."

Lisa G.

Research Participant

Finally, customer research you can feel confident in.