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Elis is on a mission to empower every voice in every community to be HEARD.

It's never been more important to listen to and learn from the people around us. We built HEARD to help companies, organizations and communities center the people they serve at the heart of every decision they make.

Our values

Advance AI Alignment
In order to align AI human values, technologists must understand both the needs of individuals and the impact of their products on society. Elis partners with leading AI companies to use HEARD to conduct customer research at scale and enable diverse communities to have a voice in shaping AI technology.
Enable every teammate to be a customer expert even if they aren’t a research expert
Organizations want to make customer-centric decisions but are often don't have the time, resources or expertise to conduct research. We're democratizing customer understanding so that every team has the ability to learn about the communities they serve.
Create equity and equality of understanding
By enabling conversations at scale, we make it possible for more voices to be considered — especially those at the margin who might not have been heard otherwise.
Use AI to bring people together in a more human way
We're not here to replace humans; we're hear to empower them to listen and learn from the people around them. Our goal is to create tools that help user research, product and marketing teams reduce manual. work so that they can spend even more time focused on their customers.
Our leadership

Kene Anoliefo

Tristan Jehan