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June 24, 2024

Announcing Google's investment in Elis

Elis is one of 10 promising AI companies selected to receive investment, mentorship and technical support from Google.

We’re thrilled to announce that our founder Kene Anoliefo and the Elis team were chosen for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. Elis was one of 10 promising AI startups selected to receive investment, mentorship and technical support from Google.

This new partnership with Google comes at an incredibly exciting moment as we build HEARD, our AI-driven customer interview platform. HEARD enables product and marketing teams to get customer insights fast by using AI to conduct user interviews.

Every month, HEARD conducts thousands of interviews to help teams clarify customer needs, uncover product pain points, and validate new feature ideas. Understanding customer behavior and needs is a complex problem that requires thorough analysis of what people say in addition to what they do.

To solve this problem, we plan to work closely with Google to leverage their latest multi-modal AI to add voice, video and additional interactive features to HEARD. These capabilities will empower companies to collect valuable insights in new and exciting ways, and make it possible for every member of a team to be a customer expert — even if they're not a research expert.

Our mission is to make every voice in every community HEARD, and this investment from Google is an important milestone on our journey. Thanks so much for your continued support, and stay tuned!

The HEARD Team

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